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Recruitment Strategy in the Current Marketplace

Recruitment Strategy in the Current Marketplace

The shortage of technical candidates in the UK is considered a worry for manufacturers and engineering companies, 40% of UK manufacturers polled by Subcon[1] and 68% of engineering design firms (mostly UK based)[2] believe this.

There is no quick solution to the problem and improvement in apprenticeships and education within STEM are without a doubt a longer term resolution.

But how can employers looking to recruit now, ensure they are securing talent?

1. Time Scales – if you need a key business hire, now is not the time to delay on CV feedback, interview feedback or making an offer.

Pre-pandemic, the average technical professional would be out to 1 or 2 interviews. In the present day, this is 5, 6, 7 or more!

This means individuals are going off the market a lot quicker than usual, so prompt feedback and good communication is key to securing your hire.

2. Motivational Matching – take the time to ascertain the motivations of the people you want to hire.

Is there any training or progression available? Can you offer overtime? What is the culture of the team like?

If you can outline the answers to these questions, you can attract someone who wants to work for your business in the short term and stay with the company for the long term.

3. Transferrable Skills – what industries can be transferrable to what you do? Will you save time by spending three months training someone up, rather than spending three months hoping the perfect skill match turns up.

4. Salary Surveys - ensure you are paying in line with industry standards. A short salary survey can confirm whether you are paying in line with market rate or not.

It is a tough market out there at the moment but there is a lot of information to help!

Partnering with a specialist Recruitment Consultancy will act as an extension of your business model, we are then able to tailor a solution to your specific needs.

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