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Stress Awareness and Management

​​Awareness & Balance

Whether it’s consequence of a modern fast-paced life, the pandemic, or simultaneously juggling career, family & social commitments (and probably a million others), stress effects even the best of us.

Whilst we may not always have much control over the sources of stress in our lives, according to Dr. Lisa Mosconi there are three key lifestyle factors that are likely to be abandoned in these times, but crucial in helping how we respond to stress & ensure we give ourselves the best chance of mental wellbeing & balance.

1.       Diet

2.       Exercise

3.       Relaxation

Diet: The focus here isn’t our waistlines, but instead our relationship with food. It’s so easy when your to-do list is never ending & time is limited to de-prioritize nutrition and reach for anything with sugar and caffeine. Setting good habits and making healthy options accessible can not only help with concentration & efficiency, but can also improve quality of sleep.

Exercise: This isn’t a one size fits all scenario, it could be a quick game of tennis, or a 30 minute stroll, it’s whatever is going to get you moving and feeling good. Evidence shows that our minds receive positive benefits every time we put on our sneakers & step out of the sedentary.

Relaxation: This can be different for everyone, some prefer meditation or yoga, some spending time with friends, others it’s just replacing screens with green space. It’s about prioritizing restorative time for our minds and bodies, allowing Cortisol levels to drop, and making space for fresh ideas and a clear mindset.

Focusing on these basics can be a massive help and allows you to take a step back when we are feeling overwhelmed.

If you’d like to read up on more of Dr. Lisa Mosconi, she has published books and audiobooks including the following;

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