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Fran Ferguson

Global Talent Manager

​My role at Rise is to head up the talent department. This includes managing my team, attracting and recruiting new talent, inducting and training staff, overseeing the mentoring program and many other projects contributing to company growth. It is our responsibility to ensure Rise reaches it’s goals in terms of headcount, and contribute to making us the go-to technical recruiter. We are proud to be at the highest headcount in the history of Rise and have big plans for the future. The best part about working at Rise is the people and culture. We are lucky to share a platform with motivated, passionate individuals that all have a strong desire to build a big career. Our culture is one of empowerment and we advocate having more fun and less politics. We recruit our people based on a shared mindset and values; working with like-minded individuals is what makes our environment special.

Fran Ferguson
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