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National Coding Week

​​National Coding Week was started in the UK back in 2014 by former headteacher Richard Rolfe and tech entrepreneur Jordan Love. The idea was to help adults to improve upon digital literacy in orde...

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The Uk's Most In Demand Technology Jobs

The UK's Most In-Demand Technology Jobs

​​The UK’s Most In-Demand Tech Jobs In short, all of them!As I’m sure most people are aware, there is a massive skills shortage across almost all Engineering disciplines and Technology is no except...

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Thinking Of Starting A Career In Recruitment

Thinking of starting a career in recruitment?

​​Thinking of starting a career in recruitment?Here’s some tips from our leadership team.Starting in your first job or taking a leap into a new career path is always a daunting prospect! I know loo...

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Setting And Achieving Goals

Setting and Achieving Goals

​​Setting and Achieving GoalsWe are a few weeks into January 2022 and there are usually three types of people;1.       Those who made New Year’s resolutions and everything is going well.2.       Th...

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Women In Engineering Recruitment

Women in Engineering Recruitment - Career Progression and Beating Stereotypes

​​Women in Engineering Recruitment.As an outsider, it may be common to think why would females join such a male dominated industry? Not only recruitment, but the recruitment of engineers that for d...

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